Understanding Heroku One-off Dyno and Job Scheduler

I have been working on designing a daily upload node.js application that calls a third-party in order to refresh the application MongoDB datastore. One of the solutions I was investigating was Heroku Worjer Dynos, Background Jobs and Queuing.  I spent several hours of scratching my head trying to figure out how I could add a refresh button feature to my web application using the above pattern.  I decided that it was not really a feature that should be implemented.

What I need to do:

  1. Create a refresh file by call third party service and saving the query results to a JSON flat file
  2. Drop the MongoDB collection.  I don’t have Mongo available to me on the dyno so I will need to connect using headstone (Headless Keystone) script to purge all of the collections documents.
  3. Create a new MongoDB collection using the the JSON flat file as input.  Again headstone (Hedless KeystoneJS) script to insert the documents.
  4. Remove the JSON flat file

With Heroku I will be able to create a One-Off Dyno and Schedule it on a nightly.  Having Papertail enabled to monitor and notify me of any issues.



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