Bootstrap templates and tools

My on going learnings of Bootstrap has lead me to discover a few useful sites and tools:

  1. The original of course.
  2. I discovered the other day while I was trying to figure out margin settings for the thumb nail gallery I’ve been working.  Having looked at the templates and seeing some of the cool plugins (wow.js, animate.js, FitTxt.js) has me kicking myself for not discovering it sooner.  The good thing that my next project will definitely leverage the templates provided on this site.  It’s a MIT license so modifying it and using it in other open source and commercial projects should not be a problem.
  3. Pingendo Bootstrap Prototyping app.  It is available on Linux, Mac and Windows.  I was able to load up one of the more popular startbootstrap templates without any issues.  Just a warning that it is somewhat resource intensives.  I’m running Linux Mint 64 on a Dual Core and 6 Gig of memory and running Pingendo does seem to impact overall system performance.
  4. If your using Jade templating engine for developing you sites I found very useful for converting these bootstrap html to jade template.


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