Monthly Archives: March 2015

WebGL and HTML5

I’m having a look at some of the 2D and 3D Javascript Gaming SDK.  You make ask why, well I noticed that GitHub is offering a contest.  It is a really interesting contest given that your not design and writing a new game from scratch but rather enhancing an already existing game on Github.  Having entained the idea of getting into writing HTML5 2D or 3D game I was thinking this would be and excellence side project.  It has everything in regards to motivating me (April 13th deadline).  I have already found the game I would like to branch in Github so that it runs better.

Looking at IDE that’s supports Javascript development the Intel XDK looks like a good choice for Mobile HTML5 2D design / development / packaging / deployment.   It is a little slow to start-up on my Elementary OS / 2GB Celeron processor.  It has a lot of templates for some of the more popular Javascript 2D game frameworks like Phaser, Pixi.js and a Three.js 3D WebGL 3D example.