Monthly Archives: December 2014

Linux understanding and Development

B.G.R Consulting is embarking on a journey to become fully immersed in understanding Linux inside and out.  This journey had started a long time ago (15+ years ago) when we where contracted to develop a remote printer utility that would start / stop / reset remote printers.  It had to run on AIX (IBM Unix) and we did not have access to any AIX development machine at the time.  So since we needed a Unix development environment we decided to install Linux.  Anyhow the journey into the linux world had stopped for some time until now.   Our goal in the new year will to become heavily involved with Linux system development, application and support.

How are we approaching this you say.  Well Unix and Linux is not entirely new to us, either is Open Source which is what Linux Community is all about.  Having the experience becoming more involved means understanding Linux inside and out.  We are currently migrating most of desktop and development machine to Linux.  Reading the LFS book explaining how to build a Linux system.  Providing a B.G.R Consulting Linux distribution sounds really cool but unlikely since there are so many Linux distribution we would recommend / support (Elementary OS).

Hopefully in the new year you will see more blogs in regards to what we are working on in regards too Linux.