Monthly Archives: November 2014

LiteIde on my Taskbar

I have been working with the “GO” language, while playing with it in my spare time (I know, I should get a hobby like basket weaving or sky diving).  Anyhow while working with the language I had choosen Eclipse and GoEclipse plugin.  I have gotten most everything working, syntax highlighting, code lookup, build, run, with the exception of debugging (break pointing).  Getting somewhat frustrated with trying to get debugging to work (gdb still does not allow you to view the variable data on windows or arm) I started searching for an alternate GO IDE. What I found to my surprise was LiteIDE  developed by visualfc using the QT framework.  Having imported (Add Folder)  several go projects over that last few days I found that the LiteIDE worked rather well.  The IDE is open source on github which is distracting from my first goal and that is learning and developing application using GO.

Why go you ask?

It is a new language designed to be fast, scaleable, portable and compiled binary as opposed to Java, .Net, etc which needs some sort of intermediate complication prior to executing. Last but not least it was developed by google and supported in there cloud environment.