Monthly Archives: February 2013

HTML5 Security

Well I’ve been learning more and more about security lately and I’m finding that one on the best defences to date is SSL V3.  If you don’t know what SSL is and your hosting a website / web app it would be a good idea to understand it throughly and implement it.  If your site require authentication, transmit sensitive data then it is mandatory.  I would not host personal information or shop on a website that does not run entirely over SSL.

Someone could be squatting on the wifi at the hotel I’m staying at and would have be able to obtain my wordpress credentials.  I would tether my iPhone5 but rogers charges extra for that.  I think once I get home and connect through my secure wifi I will change my credentials.

I know you most likely noticed the this site is not running over SSL.  This will change very soon once my web hosting provider gets me setup.  The public site of will still be running over non-SSL or http protocol, but the blog will be running over SSL or https protocol.

So the reason why I’m writing about this has to do with the new security feature in HTML5.   A good resource to find out more about HTML5 security and implementing it correctly can be found at the following OWASP url.


Firefox OS Announcement Today

I was just watching the business news today and saw that Mozilla announced a new Firefox OS in Spain.  They are talking to and signing handset manufactures who don’t have there own OS systems for their phones. Here is what I know so far:

1. It is a Linux based system.

2. It is being developed to allow HTML5 applications to integrate directly with the OS using javascript.

3. Apparently they will have a the Firefox OS released on an actual phone around July 2013.

4. I would expect that it would be the Firefox browser that would be the actually OS and everything is built on top of that.


iPhone 5 blogging

Well I just read yesterday that WordPress has a mobile app. I’m actually writing this blog entry using it.

1. You find the WordPress app on the store.

2. Setup you personal blog address.

3. Enter your credentials.

4. Start blogging just like you would in the web app.

The next thing to do is to start looking at the code for iPhone / Android and Blackberry.


HTML5 Tutotials

I have found some very good classroom curriculum from Microsoft.

It is certainly worth having a look at in order to get a better understanding of the buzz word HTML5. I have been through the first three lessons and it is very informative.