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What have I been doing lately

This post is in regards to what I’ve been playing with or thinking about playing with in no particular order:

  1. Learning Haskell
  2. Postgrest is written in Haskell which is a server based application that exposes Postgres Schema as Rest Service.  It support oAuth security, CRUD, stored procedures and querying)
  3. Leaning Elm
  4. Visual Studio Code
  5. Visual Studio 2015 cross platform support for iOS, Android, Clang, etc
  6. Compiling C++ or anything to optimized Javascript.
  7. C++ Certification (I know C and Java so this should be easy)
  8. Google
  9. Progress Web Apps
  10. Firebase
  11. Game Maker / Enigma Development Environment
  12. Heroku 
  13. Hackaton / Hackdays
  14. IOT (ActiveMQ, Mosquitto message broker)


GoLang and Heroku

I know it has been long time since you seen anything from me on this Blog.  If your a follower I apologize for that.

Things have been somewhat busy here at B.G.R Consulting doing  the Design, Development and I.T support of a subsidiary company (Riverboat Media) that we started up back in December 2015.  The technologies used, which are mentioned in the this Blog title have most likely been the most used these days by start-ups and enterprise.  Who knows maybe even the technologies I’m using for this blog may change also (Ghost).

For sometime I’ve been looking at the Go language and trying to determine if I could add it to the slew of technologies we are already levering here at B.G.R Consulting.  Just recently an opportunity has arisen for me to seek out an alternate to Node.js.  Unfortunately the Node.js plugin or npm module would build on Heroku cloud because of native SWIG interface to a C++ module (libRets).

So looking at the options, open source client modules available I finally determined that the best one to leverage was one written in GoLang (gorets).  After some challenges with getting my local environment setup (VS Code, GoLang extensionGo debugger) and the CI working with Heroku vendor dependencies (GoDeps).

Post a comment any time if you have a question.  I will try to respond as soon as possible.








Ruby on Rails

I’ve be using a Ruby open source application call Reckon.  It is application that parses your PFS csv file and write out to command line ledger file.  I wanted to try to debug it and realized fairly quick that I needed a crash course on Ruby on Rails.  I found a couple of good learning material Rails Crash Course: A No-Nonsense Guide to Rails Development and Ruby on Rails Tutorial.  The learning material is very current, it shows how to deploy to the Heroku cloud and the other actual uses cloud ide (Cloud9).

I guess the thing that I was most impressed with was the Convention over Configuration development style or paradigm that Ruby on Rails uses.  This paradigm leverage the naming in general way in order to solve the data mapping and other conventions.   I can definitely say the this approach will save time, I’ve seen it reduce time frame by as much as two weeks.

I was equally impressed with Cloud9, what could be better then doing your development on the Cloud environment (Linux) and through a browser.


Google Clould Endpoints

I have been looking at the Google Cloud Endpoints which is Googles Rest API offering.  The big thing is what it offers right out of the box.

1. SDK for Cloud Endpoint development (AppEngine)

2. Backend Services support for OAuth 2.0 Authentication

3. API Explorer

4. Client side Annotation support for Javascript, iOS and Android.

Languages support is Java, Python, PHP and GO.

Hosted on the Cloud, monitored on the Cloud, the Google Cloud that is.  Different types of models,  Multi Tenant or VM.

Pricing Calculator Available.





Cloud Foundry

As you may be very well aware Cloud solutions has been on my mind lately.  I think it is something that every software developer who has to deal with IT infrastructure should understand better.  If I understand it better IT infrastructures better maybe I would not hate it so much.

I came across an interesting video talking about Cloud Foundry and how you can make your own Heroku in 3 hours using AWS (Amanazon Services).  Here is the you tube video that was very informative to say the least.

Sorry about the lack of blogging, I will work on providing updates daily from now on.