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iOS 8 and Swift

Like 330,000+ other on the day apple announced the new iOS 8 and Swift language I download the book and the the beta.  I been breezing through the book fairly rapidly and everything appears fairly straight forward.  It would be nice to see some real world examples with extensive UI and Core Data along with Rest calls integrated in the application.  Again I will try a little harder to keep this blog updated.


Mac Air Upgrade Required

Well it’s looks like I won’t be able to do iOS 7 development until I get a new Mac.  Right now my original MAC Air is no longer supported.  Thats quite sad since I’ve really enjoyed this machine over the past 5 years.  It hard to believe that I’ve been able to keep developing on the same machine for this.  I can’t actually recall if any of my windows desktops lasted this long before needing an update or upgrade.  Oh well I guess I will have a few months of iOS development left.



I’ve recently having a look at FB (FaceBook) API for iPhone.  It really shows a lot of great examples for using the API. The SDK offers tutorials, references, documentation and helper code for calling there restful services from Object-C.  FB is providing native dialogues for sharing, profiles and friends.

Using FB as your authentication provider does make a lot of sense.  They have the infrastructure and they are more then happy to let mobile app developer use it.  I’m still trying to figure out an app to use the FB API.  Once I have something I will certainly share it with everyone.