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What have I been doing lately

This post is in regards to what I’ve been playing with or thinking about playing with in no particular order:

  1. Learning Haskell
  2. Postgrest is written in Haskell which is a server based application that exposes Postgres Schema as Rest Service.  It support oAuth security, CRUD, stored procedures and querying)
  3. Leaning Elm
  4. Visual Studio Code
  5. Visual Studio 2015 cross platform support for iOS, Android, Clang, etc
  6. Compiling C++ or anything to optimized Javascript.
  7. C++ Certification (I know C and Java so this should be easy)
  8. Google
  9. Progress Web Apps
  10. Firebase
  11. Game Maker / Enigma Development Environment
  12. Heroku 
  13. Hackaton / Hackdays
  14. IOT (ActiveMQ, Mosquitto message broker)


Spring Framework

I just finished taking training course for Spring Framework V3 and I have to say I was impressed.  I can understand why IT shop invest heavily in this product.  In a lot of implementations spring is working really hard behind the scenes and developer don’t actually realize how much spring is intertwined in their system.  Spring is not just server side anymore, they have spring for Android now.  They have Spring MVC and Spring Rest which uses the standard Jersey Framework.  They have Spring Batch. The Spring Tool Suite is also one of the best Java IDE I have seen in a long time.


HTML5 Tutotials

I have found some very good classroom curriculum from Microsoft.

It is certainly worth having a look at in order to get a better understanding of the buzz word HTML5. I have been through the first three lessons and it is very informative.