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Ruby on Rails

I’ve be using a Ruby open source application call Reckon.  It is application that parses your PFS csv file and write out to command line ledger file.  I wanted to try to debug it and realized fairly quick that I needed a crash course on Ruby on Rails.  I found a couple of good learning material Rails Crash Course: A No-Nonsense Guide to Rails Development and Ruby on Rails Tutorial.  The learning material is very current, it shows how to deploy to the Heroku cloud and the other actual uses cloud ide (Cloud9).

I guess the thing that I was most impressed with was the Convention over Configuration development style or paradigm that Ruby on Rails uses.  This paradigm leverage the naming in general way in order to solve the data mapping and other conventions.   I can definitely say the this approach will save time, I’ve seen it reduce time frame by as much as two weeks.

I was equally impressed with Cloud9, what could be better then doing your development on the Cloud environment (Linux) and through a browser.